International Conference on Sonar Systems & Sensors (ICONS 2018)

Instructions to Presenters

The presentation cannot be uploaded in the hall but MUST BE uploaded previously at the “Speakers’ ready desk” near the Registration Desk.

In order to facilitate the uploading of your presentation and avoid delays in the “Speakers’ ready desk” near the registration desk and for the smooth and more efficient organization of the conference, all authors are kindly requested to submit their PPTX or PDF presentation as soon as they arrive for registration. The fonts you select should be the pre-installed in Windows fonts. Under NO circumstances, they will be allowed to use their laptop or to upload at their time of presentation, as this will lead to loss of time in setting up the display/projector. Please ensure to bring your presentation on a portable media (CD/DVD)/flash drive device.

Although most speakers love the freedom of a hands-off approach from the event organiser, it is important for the overall conference that the sessions are on schedule. You are requested to STRICTLY adhere to the schedule. Under no circumstances, any author will be given extra time or be allowed change the sequence without the approval of the Technical Committee.

You are kindly requested to follow this schedule. From the start of a given presentation (and according to the clock shown on screen):
       after 15 minutes: the presentation is to be completed and the questions period can begin for the next 3 minutes,

       after 18 (15+3) minutes: the question time frame is now completed, certificate is presented to the author, and the author needs to leave the podium leaving the floor to the next author invited to take his place within the next 2 minutes,

       after 18th minute until the 20th (15+3+2) minutes: the new speaker needs to move to the podium and be ready for his PPTX presentation. After the 20th minute the procedure starts again as above.


International Conference on Sonar Systems & Sensors (ICONS 2018)